The goal of all the products we sell, or resell, is that they offer excellent service and functionality in the Salesforce environment. In particular, the products we build are intended to be market leaders in ease of use, functionality and bug-free usage. Our products are made with a goal of service to the end user in mind. Apps that are To A Finish™.



To A Finish LLC is a company that has grown out of a desire to improve the Salesforce CRM consulting industry. The services listed below are what we do, but they are done in a way that most of our clients will not be used to. Our work is set up in a way that allows for excellence. We strive to complete these services and do our work To A Finish™.

We build Salesforce.com and mobile applications.

We help you implement Salesforce.com.

We help you to connect Saleforce to anything.

We help your team be more productive.


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We believe there is a different way of consulting that will bring ultimate success to any CRM venture. The biggest difference is time. We give special attention to steps that are often rushed or even overlooked entirely in a typical project. Things like in-depth analysis, getting to really know a business, documentation and end-user involvement in the process help us set up a project for success. Ultimately, we must spend the time to do the work until it is absolutely complete. To A Finish.

Test us. Allow us to show you the difference of doing work To A Finish.



  • Effective product, good documentation and well-supported!

    Karen Ishimaru
  • Excellent product with excellent service!

    Jon Riegel
  • Amazing Enhancement to Salesforce – Your Sales Team Will Thank You!

    Don Hansen
  • To A Finish was instrumental in getting Meeting Mapper for Salesforce from a concept to production. Having no experience in developing on the Force.com platform, TAF’s partnership made a dream a reality. Their technical knowledge and vast experience with Salesforce is second to none, I highly recommend TAF for any Salesforce professional service, architecture and deployment of Salesforce.

    Thank You TAF!

    Travis Davis

    President and CEO, Point N Time Software, Inc.



When you finish a thing you ought to be able to say to yourself: “There, I am willing to stand for that piece of work. It is not pretty well done; it is done as well as I can do it; done to a complete finish. I will stand for that. I am willing to be judged by it.” – O.S. Marden

Joseph Dindinger


Jonas Walker

Director of Marketing